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„Double degree“ - cooperation between the Faculty of Economics at UWB and Hochschule Hof

Hochschule Hof, with its Business Studies program, and the Faculty of Economics at the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen, with its Retail Management program, have signed an agreement on cooperation aimed at issuing a "double degree" to graduates of the said study programs. By implementing this agreement, both universities take another step towards internationalization and cooperation in the study of the said fields.

Eligible students

Only students of the Faculty of Economics at UWB who have good knowledge of German and English and who, as of the beginning of their study at the host university, have completed the first stage of their studies, i.e. the first and second years (112 credits), are eligible to apply for the "double-degree program". The double-degree program involves two semesters of study at the partner university and a bachelor thesis at one of the participating universities. For students of the Faculty of Economics at UWB, the study program includes an internship of a minimum length of 18 weeks (preferably at a German company – arranged by Hochschule Hof), according to instruct-ions by Hochschule Hof. The study program in Hof is thus divided into 3 semesters.

Conditions for acquiring a double degree Both universities pledge to issue a double degree to students according to the following conditions:

I. Conditions – bachelor thesis

To successfully complete his or her studies, the student must write a bachelor thesis at one of the participating universities, the choice of which is the student's decision. The bachelor thesis is supervised by an academician at the chosen university. The student will either choose a supervisor for his/her thesis, or the university will assign a supervisor to the student. The bachelor thesis must meet all the conditions of the university at which the thesis will be written. Another assessor of the thesis (the opponent) will be an academician from the other university.

II. Transfer of credits from the Faculty of Economics at UWB to HS Hof

Students at the Faculty of Economics at UWB will take classes from the third and fourth year of study (sixth and seventh semester) of the Business Studies program at Hochschule Hof. The subjects are determined by the Hochschule Hof university depending on the previous subjects that the student took at his/her home university (Faculty of Economics at UWB), and which can be accepted at UWB.

The number of subjects that a student takes at Hochschule Hof is equivalent to 60 ECTS in two semesters.

  • Practical semester 30 credits (internship with a length of 18 weeks at a company in Germany, and the completion of two subjects to defend the internship)
  • This number of credits is recognized as the last academic year of the study program, based on the list of comparable subjects in the field of study.
  • Following the successful completion of one's studies at both universities, the student will receive the title of "Bachelor of Arts" at Hochschule Hof.

Support for students

Both universities pledge to provide support and consultations for participating students to enable their regular studies. Among other things, this also means that the universities provide assistance in the search for accommodation in an adequate price range, or help arrange internships for students. For the year 2011, the Faculty of Economics at UWB has acquired financial means from the Development and Transformation Project of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports intended to support the launch of the "double-degree" project. The project application will be filed also for 2012, and chances are that the University will gain means to offer scholarships for students of the Faculty of Economics at UWB studying in Germany, covering their accommodation, and partly their travel and other living expenses. During the periods of November/ December 2011 and February/March 2012, information workshops are planned for prospective students, possibly with the participation of Professor Fischer of HS Hof.

Instructions for candidates

If you are interested in joining the "double-degree" project and studying at Hof during the academic year 2012/13, send in your application, including a cover letter, by March 31, 2012, to In the event of a large number of candidates, the selection criterion will be a brief interview with applicants and their academic results and study activities. Should you have any questions regarding the project, please contact Ing. Dita Hommerová (Department of Marketing, Trade and Services, Door No. TY212b).

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